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The Horses
Sahibb  and Bert Olof Karlström - Photo: Martin Aronsson
(Erystawi x Shimmy - Mimik)
1975 - 2001
Gelding, grey

Bred by Slängsboda
Sold to Svanberga Ranch, Sweden

From the age of 16 Sahibb competed in Western and mainly Polebending and Barrel Racing but he also did very well in Reining and Western Pleasure. He competed in all Breed Swedish Championship Level and among nomerous other awards he was named 3 times Swedish Champion in Polebending and Barrel Race.

Sahibb was an extraordinary horse that saved himself and helped save a mare and her 2 days old filly in a vicious barn fire 1980.

Sahibb and  Louise at Täby race track - Photo: Christina Wale