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The Horses
Peonia - Photo: Louise Wale


(Czort x Pemba - Faher )
1965 - 1991

Mare, bay

Bred by State Stud Janow Podlaski, Poland

Owned by Slängsboda Arabians 1977-1991

Race record Warsaw, Poland: 2/12 (3-0-2)

This Kuhailan mare was very strong whith extremely powerful motion. She was very kind and a good mother. She produced 10 foals of which 7 were born at Slängsboda. Five of her fillies were exported from Slängsboda to the USA and among them was Peodza (by Dzahil), English Pleasure winner at International Fiesta, Region 9.

Peonia is also dam of Poem (by Gokart). Poem has done extremely well in endurance and has completed two World Championships (in Dubai and France) and is also a Swedish National Endurance Champion among many other achievements. He completed his last competition at the age of 23.