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2014-11-02 New pictures has been published on SA Bassira, SA Garessa, SA Malala, Nyala and Eunora's own pages. SA MALALA (Al Fakhir x Myrica - El Amin)
SA Malala (Al Fakhir x Myrica - El Amin)

WE CONGRATULATE ELGIR (Ekstern x Eunora - Gazal Al Shaqab)!

Shown at an evaluation arranged by Svenska Hästavelsförbundet (Swedish Horse Breeding Society). Judged by one extremely educated and experienced judge, under the 10 point system, Elgir was awarded 42 (!!) points and extremely good comments! We are thrilled by Morgan Johanssons superlatives that he showered ELGIR with during the class.

For our foreign friends - this is a halter show for all breeds (Elgir was the only Arabian) that emphasize the conformation of the horse according to it´s correctness.

At Slängsboda we aim for horses that can win at Arabian shows, Swedish Horse Breeding Society shows and at various performance shows.
In the capable hands of his owner, Carolina Schwieler, ELGIR is well on the way!
ELGIR is bred by Slängsboda.

The beautiful picture of ELGIR is taken by Anette Mattsson.

WE CONGRATULATE SA BOZALL (Ganges x Bola - Gazal Al Shaqab) and his owner,trainer and rider Carolina Schwieler to fantastic results in Western performance classes.
At the 2014 Club Championship they won 3 out of 6 klasser and was also 2nd and 4th.
During 2014 5-year-old BOZALL has participated in 23 classes winning 17!

BOZALL is bred by Slängsboda Arabians.

WE CONGRATULATE SHAG (Glaz x Shimra - Krezus) and his owner, Helena Engström, awarded ÅRETS ARAB (Arab of the Year) in the category "driving" 2013!
The prize is presented by The Swedish Arab Horse Society and it was for the second time in a row that SHAG recieved the prestogeous title for outstanding results in driving!

Slängsboda Arabians are breeder of SHAG's dam SHIMRA (Krezus x Shimmy - Mimik).

WE CONGRATULATE NANNINA (Gotcha x Nefretete - Gondolier) and 15-year-old owner and rider Louise Fossum.
"Nannina better than ever" was the text in the header field in the mail we recieved from Louise´s mom, Caroline.
At the age of 21 NANNINA shines at the dressage grounds and the last month the two of them have won three starts in 4 attempts and was second the 4th time.

Picture from 2013. Slängsboda Arabians are the breeders of NANNINA.

WE CONGRATULATE EUNORY (Ganges x Eunora - Gazal Al Shaqab) to 3 third places and 1 fourth place during his first season at the track in Poland.
He has been running at distances from 1600 - 2000 meters and we are eagerly following his carrer at http://www.vioda-racing.pl/eunory.html.

EUNORY is out of Slängsboda owned EUNORA (Gazal Al Shaqab x Eunika - Wachlarz), bred and owned by Michalów Stud in Poland.

ELGIR (Ekstern x Eunora - Gazal Al Shaqab)
ELGIR (Ekstern x Eunora - Gazal Al Shaqab)

SA BOZALL (Ganges x Bola - Gazal Al Shaqab)
SA BOZALL (Ganges x Bola - Gazal Al Shaqab)

SHAG (Glaz x Shimra - Krezus)
SHAG (Glaz x Shimra - Krezus)

NANNINA (Gotcha x Nefretete - Gondolier)
NANNINA (Gotcha x Nefretete - Gondolier)



We are happy to announce that our Michalów bred GARUDA (Galba x Gotlandia - Pesal) is in foal to 1999 World Reserve Junior Champion AS SINANS PACHA (Ansata Sinan x Saskia R.J - Plakat)!

Please read more about this stunning stallion at owner's web site, click here for Nordlys Araber.

GARUDA (Galba x Gotlandia - Pesal) Foto copyright Anette Mattsson
Garuda (Galba x Gotlandia - Pesal) Photo copyright Anette Mattsson

AS SINANS PACHA (Ansata Sinan x Saskia R.J - Plakat) Foto Bukra Foto. Copyright Nordlys Arabians
AS SINANS PACHA (Ansata Sinan x Saskia R.J - Plakat)
Photo Bukra Copyright Nordlys Arabians



We proudly present Swedish National Bronze Champion Mare EUNORA (Gazal Al Shaqab x Eunika - Wachlarz) accompanied by her 6-month-old Ekstern-daughter EUNINA.
Rewarded with two twenties and one 19 (out of 20) on movements she made the crowd wild as she entered the ring like a queen.

She also won her class with 90,67 (third highest score at the show).


Our young and fairly inexperienced NYALA (TF Afrikhan Shah x Nifka - Om El Extreem) made us all proud earning 2 first, 1 second and 2 third places in various Western classes.
She was by far the youngest competitor and we are stunned by her cool way of approaching every obstacle in life.

NYALA was also shown in the Sporthorse halterclass in which she was placed second out of 7 mares, earning the same score as the winner.

Eunora (Gazal Al Shaqab x Eunika - Wachlarz) Bred by Michalów Stud, Poland, Copyright Anette Mattsson
EUNORA (Gazal Al Shaqab x Eunika - Wachlarz)
Bred by Michalów Stud, Poland
Picture and copyright Anette Mattsson

Nyala (TF Afrikan Shah x Nifka - Om El Extreem) Bred by Eva Persson and Johanna Ullström, Copyright Pauline Högdahl
NYALA (TF Afrikhan Shah x Nifka - Om El Extreem)
Bred by Eva Persson and Johanna Ullström
Picture and copyright Pauline Högdahl


Our ad in the catalog said "The power in the breeding are in the mares"....
We showed three mares during the 2 shows... and what can I say? We are extremely happy!

SA BASSIRA (Emiliusz x Benina - Om El Tanam)
C-show: 3rd with 88,50 points
B-show: 2nd with 88,33 points
International B-show Liberty Champion!

EXHINOWA (Fynd x Exhina - Caribbean)
C-show: 1st with 88,50 points
B-show: 1st med 88,83 points

EUNORA (Gazal Al Shaqab x Eunika - Wachlarz)
C-show: 1st with 92,50 points, Gold Champion Mare and Best In Show!
B-show: 1st with 90,17 points and Gold Champion Mare!

With these results 3 out of 5 horses entering the International B-show Championships were owned by Slängsobda. A fourth mare, beautiful BERNIITA were out of Slängsboda bred BERNATKA (Ernal x Basetla - Banat) and she captured the title of Bronz Champion Mare! Congratulations to her breeder Q Arabians and owner Irene och Leif Andersson.

We are also proud to present the results for the following Slängsboda related horses and congratulate their owners:

ELGIR (Ekstern x Eunora - Gazal Al Shaqab)
C-show: 1st with 91,50 points and Gold Champion Colt!
B-show: 2nd with 88,37 points (only beaten by 0,26 points).
Elgir is bred by Slängsboda Arabians and owned by Carolina Schwieler.

SA BOZALL (Ganges x Bola - Gazal Al Shaqab)
Bozall competed in Thursday´s Western classes. Awsome result!! Five classes resulted in FIVE wins!! This led up to the title Best Western Horse! SA Bozall was also awarded Best Performance and Showhorse.
He is bred by Slängsboda Arabians and owned and trained by Carolina Schwieler.

DENNAH (Hart x Detta - Metat)
C-show: 2nd with 85,50 points only beaten by our own Exhinowa.
Dennah is bred by Elsa & Ulrica Bexelius and owned by Cecilia Müller.

More pictures can be seen at Slängsbodas Facebook page.

ELGIR (Ekstern - Eunora x Gazal Al Shaqab)Picture by Helen Lundström
ELGIR Picture by Helen Lundström

BASSIRA Copyright Maria Hjerpe
SA BASSIRA Picture by Maria Hjerpe

Exhinowa Copyright Sofia Forslund
EXHINOWA Picture by Sofia Forslund

Eunora Copyright Maria Hjerpe
EUNORA Picture by Maria Hjerpe

Slängsboda's young and very promising team, NYALA (TF Afrikhan Shah x Nifka - Om El Extreem) and Madelene Libonius, did great at Western Riders Uppland´s annual April Show.
Trail 2nd out of 11.
Ranchtrail 2nd out of 4.
Western Riding 3rd out of 10.
Western Horsemanship 5th out of 12.
NYALA is bred by Eva Persson and Johanna Ullström.
NYALA (TF Afrikhan Shah x Nifka - Om El Extreem) Copyright Louise Wale

ELGIR (Ekstern x Eunora - Gazal Al Shaqab) and SA BASSIRA (Emiliusz x Benina - Om El Tanam) have been x-rayed in their back knees for cysts.

Both of them were free of cysts.


We are so excited to present this year's lovely new foals!

Read more and see pictures of the two fillies on their own pages.
Click here to get to SA Eunina's page and here to get to SA Garessa's page.

SA Eunina is by Ekstern and out of Eunora (by Gazal Al Shaqab)
SA Garessa is by Empire and out of Garuda (by Galba)

SA Garessa (Empire x Garuda - Galba)

SA Eunina (Ekstern x Eunora - Gazal Al Shaqab)

GARUDA's own page has been published. Click here to get to her own page for more information and pictures of Garuda.

Thank you Anette Mattsson for the wonderful pictures of Garuda!


GARUDA (Galba x Gotlandia - Pesal) Copyright: Fotograf Anette Mattsson