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EXHINOWA (Fynd - Exhina x Caribbean) Champion Ranch Trail Horse, 1 more win, 3 second, 2 third, 1 fourth and 1 sixth in 9 classes!

NIWARA (Thee Apprentice - Nischka x Fynd) had 1 first, 1 second and 1 third in 4 In Hand Classes brilliantly shown by Carolina Enmarker. This was Niwara´s first show ever and she won her first class!

EXHISTENSIA (Samsheik - Exhinowa x Fynd) had 3 fourth and 1 fifth in 4 classes with her owner Madelene Libonius and Madelene was 3 times Youth Champion competing
against adult riders!

DON MIKO (Fynd - Domika x El Mokari) had 3 first, 1 second, 2 third and 1 fourth in 7 classes with his trainer and owner Carolina Schwieler.

(Ganges - Bola x Gazal Al Shaqab) Champion Trail At Hand, 1 more win, 2 second, 1 third and 1 fourth in 6 classes, and this kid is only 2 years old! Owner
and fantastic handler is Carolina Schwieler.

All horses are owned by, bred by or previously owned by Slängsboda.
A special thought goes to beloved FYND (RD Misha - Philippa x Pohaniec), sire and grandsire of 4 of the above 5 horses.


EXHISTENSIA (Samsheik - Exhinowa x Fynd) YOUTH TRAIL CHAMPION!! BRONS YOUTH WESTERN HORSEMANSHIP and 4th Youth Western Pleasure! Owner and rider Madelene Libonius. Exhistensia is proudly bred by Slängsboda Arabians.

DON MIKO (Fynd - Domika x El Mokari) OPEN VERSATILE HORSE CHAMPIONS, BRONS OPEN TRAIL and 4th in Open Western Riding!! Owner and rider Carolina Schwieler. Bred by Anette and Tony Björkman. Previously owned and trained by Slängsboda Arabians who are also the breeder of FYND (RD Misha - Philippa x Pohaniec), sire and grandsire of these two champions!

What a conclusion of this years western competitions! THANK YOU all who worked hard, and long days, this season. It payd off! And I couldn't be more proud of the

EXHINOWA (Fynd - Exhina x Caribbean) och Louise Wale. Copyright Louise Wale.

SA BOZALL (Ganges - Bola x Gazal Al Shaqab) och Carolina Schwieler. Copyright Tine Norling.


We congratulate THEE LLION KING++ (Muscati - Llynda x Fynd) and his breeder/owner/trainer and rider Alison Banner (http://www.bannerfarmbc.ca) to great results at Region 17 Championships! Top5 Arabian Sport Horse Stallions In-Hand Champ, Top4 Arabian Sport Horse Stallions In-Hand ATChamp and Top3 Arabian Western Pleasure AO Champ and 4 brand new AHA-points!
NOW on their way to US Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma!! GOOD LUCK!
Pictures shown here by kind permission of ALTOGETHER Communications
Slängsboda Arabians are proud breeders of THEE LLION KING´s maternal grandfather FYND (R D Misha - Philippa x Pohaniec).

We congratulate SUNESTAS SHAHEEN (Falk - Sunesta x Salonov) to his success at his first halter show, AHABC Classic A and B Concurrent, May 12 to 15 in Canada. Coming in 2nd in his first class and winning his second class is a great achievement, especially at the age of only 8 months old! His win resulted in his first AHA point and we are expecting many more from this fantastic colt!
Proud breeders and owners are Sunesta Arabians/the Hockesmith family in Canadas, and equally proud breders of his sire *FALK (Balon - Philippa x Pohaniec) is Slängsboda Arabians in Sweden!

We congratulate SHAG (Glaz - Shimra x Krezus) on his Bronz Champion title in the Stockholm district Dressage Driving Class for all breeds! Together with his breeder/owner/trainer and driver Helena Engström he is a great ambassador for the Arabians as a Pleasure Driving Horse!
Thank you Jana Lindberg for letting us borrow your beautiful picture.
Slängsboda Arabians are proud breeder of SHAG´s dam SHIMRA (Krezus - Shimmy x Mimik).

New pictures of NYALA (TF Afrikhan Shah - Nifka x Om El Extreem) can be viewed at her own page.

New pictures of SA AIHNINA (Da Vinci FM - Aihnoa - Czarnolas) can be viewed at her own page.

SA AIHNINA (Da Vinci FM - Aihnoa - Czarnolas). Copyright Johanna Zackrisson                   THEE LLION KING++ (Muscati - Llynda x Fynd). Copyright ALTOGETHER Communications

THEE LLION KING++ (Muscati - Llynda x Fynd). Copyright ALTOGETHER Communications

SHAG (Glaz - Shimra x Krezus). Copyright Jana Lindberg

NYALA (TF Afrikhan Shah - Nifka x Om El Extreem). Copyright Louise Wale



We congratulate ACHOSEN FACADE+/ (Well Chosen - Arwana x Ferrari) who together with his owner, Sara Ann Lohbauer, attended 2 major shows this spring.
The results speaks for themselves, and with 18 newly earned AHA points he has now earned his "Legion of Supreme Honor!!
Slängsboda Arabians are proud breders of ACHOSEN FACADE's+/ dam ARWANA (Ferrari - Esperanzia x Espartero) and grandsire FERRARI (Gokart - Philippa x Pohaniec).

Ocala 16th Annual Amateur Show, 19-20 mars 2011:
Arabian Hunter Pleasure AO - 1st
Arabian Hunter Pleasure AT - 2nd
Arabian Hunter Pleasure Championclass - 3rd

Region 12 Championships, 3-7 maj 2011:
Arabian Hunter Pleasure AO Champ - 1st and unaniumous CHAMPION!!
Arabian Hunter Pleasure AT Champ - 2nd and RESERV CHAMPION!!

New pictures of EXHINOWA (Fynd - Exhina x Caribbean) at her page! Many thanks to skilful rider, Runa Mattsson, and photograper, Per Mattson, for their help to show the western horse Nowa's jumping talent!

EXHINOWA (Fynd - Exhina x Caribbean) and Runa Mattsson. Copyright Per Mattsson

AIHNOA (Czarnolas - Algorada x Celebes) IS FOR SALE!! This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire a broodmare supreme with the best blodlines of the Polish State Stud Janow Podlaski!! Please visit her own page for more information and these links for pictures of her two foals born at Slängsboda - SA AKBAR and AIHNINA.

We congratulate MENOVA (Garanti - Mepala x Palas)! Class winner with 89 points (out of 100) under a panel of tough international judges at Turbo Star International Halter Show! Proud breeders are Wilza Arabians, owner Czima Arabians and breeder of Menova's dam, MEPALA (Palas - Melisa x Namiet) are Slängsboda Arabians!

We congratulate Carolina Schwieler, new owner of the beautiful Slängsboda bred Ganges son SA BOZALL (out of Bola by Gazal Al Shaqab)! We are so happy BOZALL is given this opportunity to prove himself in the western show circuit with internationally competing Carolina. After only one month together they earned their first two ribbons as a team!

We welcome NIWARA (Thee Apprentice - Nischka x Fynd) to Slängsboda Arabians! She is a lovely 3-year-old mare born at Sika Arabians in Sweden. NIWARA is for sale! Please visit her own page for more photos and information. Information and pictures could also be sent by e-mail on request.

Christina has been abroad on two occations during the first part of 2011, judgeing in Holland, National C-show "West" May 22, and Italy, Garda Arabian Horse Championship June 10 - 12.

AIHNOA (Czarnolas - Algorada x Celebes).

SA BOZALL (Ganges - Bola x Gazal al Shaqab) and Carolina Schwieler.

NIWARA (Thee Apprentice - Nischka x Fynd).


We are proud to introduce AIHNINA (Da Vinci FM - Aihnoa x Czarnolas)! A beautiful, bay filly born April 25th with lots of carisma and a lovely disposition! Her own page, with more pictures, will be published shortly.

OPEN HOUSE IN BELGIUM! On march 27th Louise, together with around 500 Arabian Horse enthusiasts from all over the world, attended the Open House at Artic Tern Training Center in Belgium, owned and operated by Johanna Ullström from Sweden.
In the warm spring sun over 30 beautiful Arabians were shown, many of them international champions, and the rest of them most likely to be! Proffessionalism, joy, humor and love for the Arabian Horse are key words at Darby farm and it reflects on both horses, personal and visitors.
Louise´s visit was crowned by a wonderful ride with NYALA´s sire, TF Afrikhan Shah (Botswana - Rohara Shahblee x Bey Shah) in the beautiful surroundings of Darby Farm.
Thank you, Johanna, for such a pleasurable stay!

MYRICA (El Amin - Mystawa x Pohaniec) have made her performance debut! April 10th she was shown in 4 different western classes and she made her debute in style!
Two seconds and one third was more than we could have hoped for in classes with around 10 paricipants! Together with Madelene Libonius she drew attension with her charisma and smooth gates.
Her second show proved to be equally as successful! Two 2nd´s, one 3rd and one 5th out of 4 starts! This sweet young mare is going to be hard to beat in the future!!

EXHINOWA (Fynd - Exhina x Caribbean) and Louise has also completed the first performance show of 2011. Ranch Trail 1st, Trail 1st, Western Pleasure 2nd, Reining 2nd and yet another Reining 2nd!! Exhinowa is proving the versatility of the Arabian Horse in the most fascionable way!

TF AFRIKHAN SHAH (Botswana - Rohara Shahblee x Bey Shah) and Louise enjoying a wonderful ride.

AIHNINA (Da Vinci FM - Aihnoa x Czarnolas). Copyright Louise Wale.

MYRICA (El Amin - Mystawa x Pohaniec) and Madelene Libonius. Copyright



Our lovely Queen of Slängsboda, BASETLA, has at 32 years of age, gone to Greener Pastures. She arrived att Slängsboda as a 4-year old from Janów Podlaski, Poland. For 28 years she has been a part of our family and daily lives, teaching the youngsters what life is all about, nursing her foals and letting us enjoy her beauty. She was a very special individual with the sweetest nature! She is deeply missed by both horses and humans.
Dziekuje bardzo, Basetla!

                                 BASETLA (Banat - Basn x Czort) 1979 - 2011. Copyright Anette Mattsson.

BASETLA (Banat - Basn x Czort) 1979 - 2011. Copyright Anette Mattsson.

BASETLA CELEBRATES HER 32nd BIRTHDAY!! On March 22nd Slängsboda´s queen, BASETLA (Banat - Basn x Czort) celebrated her 32nd birthday!! After the extra carrots and apples she went for a galopp thru the fields! This amazing champion mare has with great patience, kindness and humor raised 11 foals of her own to great joy for new lucky owners, many horse youngsters and equally as many human youngsters. We are blessed to have shared almost 28 years with Basetla and hope for yet some more time. Judging by her condition and happy glimps in her sweet eyes we feel that our hope is legitimate!

Welcome home MIGOTCHA (Gotcha - Mirkhana x Probat)! This Champion/Best In Show-mare is now back home after two years at Turbo Star Arabians, Sweden, where she produced the beautiful grey colt TS Mistral (by the Europejczyk-son Ege). Thank you, Madeleine, for taking good care of her.

Christina is back home in Sweden after judging in Abu Dahbi, United Arab Emirates, the 2 - 3 of March.
When the show was over a dear reunion took place when Christina met an old friend. Bred by Slängsboda Arabians in Sweden 1985, the grey filly ESPOLSKA (Probat - Espora x Pierrot) was exported to the USA at her mothers side and was later aquired by HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Wrsan Stables (breeder of very sucessful racing Arabian Horses), and reexported to Abu Dahbi, UAE. At age 26, Espolska, now white as the Swedish snow, is living out her days in retirement in beautiful surroundings being a nanny and a good example to the young fillies at the stud. She looked fantastic and is the dam of very sucessful performance horses in both the US and UAE such as Jadhebeh Wrsan (recent race winner in the UAE against the colts), He´s A Sportt++// (many times Region Champion under saddle, US National Top 10 Halter Gelding, US National Youth Reserv Champion under saddle and and many times Top 10s!), Polished Lady (race Stakes winner in the US), Storrmy Weather (race Stakes winner in the US) just to name a few.
Christina also had the pleasure to see BASETLA´s beautiful maternal sister, Our Queen B (Monarch AH - Basn x Czort), bred by Magness Arabians, USA, and owned by Wrsan Stables. She had a vey pretty filly by her side by Fares Ikhnatoon.

We congratulate DON MIKO (Fynd - Domika x El Mokari) and his owner/trainer/rider Carolina Schwieler to a spectacular start on the 2011 showseason!! At the Winter Trail Mania, Sweden, they made success by winning all three classes they entered! We are eagerly waiting for more results from this fantastic team!
Breeder of DON MIKO is Anette Björkman. Slängsboda Arabians are the breeder of Fynd (Don Miko's sire) and former owner of DON MIKO.

                     MIGOTCHA (Gotcha - Mirkhana x Probat). Copyright Louise Wale.

BASETLA (Banat - Basn x Czort) and Christina, May 2010. Copyright Anette Mattsson.

ESPOLSKA (Probat - Espora x Pierrot) with friend in Abu Dahbi, UAE,  February 2011. Copyright Christina Wale.

DON MIKO (Fynd - Domika x El Mokari) and Carolina Schwieler. Copyright Gudrun Waiditschka.


OUR HEARTFELT THANKS to TALARIA FARMS, Georgia, USA, and JOHANNA ULLSTRÖM, Artic Tern Training Center, Belgium, owner/breeder and caretaker respectivly, of TF AFRIKHAN SHAH (Botswana - Rohara Shablee x Bey Shah) for the incredibly generous and wonderful Valentine gift of one free breeding to this stunning stallion to be used on our beloved BOLA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Bogdanka x Europejczyk)!
BOLA was selected, together with two other mares, out of a group of Gazal and Marwan daughters from all over the world, to be bred to "Teddy" this spring.
We are honored that BOLA was selected and strongly belive in this combination of bloodlines! We can hardly wait to see the result!

                   BOLA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Bogdanka x Eurpejczyk) Breeder: Janow Podlaski, Poland Owner: Slängsboda Arabians, Sweden Copyright: Anette Mattsson







TF AFRIKHAN SHAH (Botswana - Rohara Shahblee x Bey Shah) Breeder/owner Talaria Farms, Georgia, USA Copyright: Suzanne Sturgill


We are happy to be able to present a picture of THEE LLION KING++ (Muscati - Llynda x Fynd) and his breeder/owner/trainer Alyson Banner, BC, Canada. This beautiful grandson of Slängsboda bred stallion, FYND (R D Misha - Philippa x Pohaniec), is proudly continueing the Slängsboda tradition by being both a Halter and Performance Champion and has now also earned the prestigeous title Legion of Merit!!
THEE LLION KING++ is a 2 time Regional Champion in SHIH stallions, a 3 times Regional Reserve Champion in Western Pleasure and a Regional Reserve Champion in Stallion Halter AOTH, and a Top 5 winner in Western Pleasure (5! times) SHIH stallions, and Stallion Halter (Open and AOTH).
He has now over 170 AHA-points and his results are impressive. Even though his main dicipline is Western Pleasure he has placed in dressage, and in 2009 he also tried his luck in Reining twice....and guess what? He won both classes!
This beautiful and verstile stallion is standing at stud in BC, Canada. Stay tuned for the adress to his new website!

We congratulate ACHOSEN FACADE+ (Well Chosen - Arwana x Ferrari) and his new owner! At AHAF 41st Annual Thanksgiving Show in November 2010 they entered in 3 Arabian Hunter Pleasure classes which resulted in 2 Championship titles and 1 third place.
Slängsboda Arabians is the breeder of his dam, ARWANA (Ferrari - Esperanzia x Espartero) and his grandsire FERRARI (Gokart - Philippa x Pohaniec).

THEE LLION KING++ (Muscati - Llynda x Fynd) with breeder/owner/trainer Alyson Banner, BC, Canada.

WE WELCOME NYALA TO SLÄNGSBODA! It is with great pleasure we welcome NYALA (TF Afrikhan Shah - Nifka x Om El Extreem) to Slängsboda Arabians! This exquisite 2010 filly was bred by Eva Persson (Stummelbo Arabians, Sweden) and Johanna Ullström (Arctic Tern Training Center, Belgium). She will make a wonderful addition to our broodmare band. Thank you Eva and Johanna for giving us the opportunity to aquire her! The link to her own page is found here. Pictures will follow later.

During her latest trip to beautiful Jordan, which took place in October, Christina learned about the Princess Alia Al Hussein´s fond "The Princess Alia Foundation", and the fund´s important work to create and spread "Compassion and respect towards all Creation" .
We warmly rekommend you to visit the web site and read more about the fond here: "The Princess Alia Foundation".

Christina is back home in Sweden after judging the 2010 Australian Nationals.

MIGOTCHA (Gotcha - Mirkhana x Probat), on lease during 2009 and 2010 to Turbo Star Arabians, Sweden, had a very nice colt this spring by Ege (Europejczyk - Etruska x Aloes). We wish the Haag family the best of luck with TS MISTRAL and hope for future success with him!

New pictures of AIHNOA (Czarnolas - Algorada x Celebes), BOLA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Bogdanka x Europejczyk), BASETLA (Banat - Basn x Czort), SA BASSIRA (Emiliusz x Benina x Om El Tanam), BENINA (Om El Tanam - Basetla x Banat), SA BOZALL (Ganges - Bola x Gazal Al Shaqab) and EXHINOWA (Fynd - Exhina x Caribbean) can be wiewd at their own pages. BENINA and SA BOZALL are for sale!

All pictures are taken by photograper and author Anette Mattsson. Thank you Anette! It is always a pleasure to have you here!

BASETLA (Banat - Basn x Czort) with owner and dear friend Christina wishing you all a Happy and prosperous New Year. Copyright Anette Mattsson.