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The last Western Show for the Slängsboda horses and crew this season was held September the 25th to 26th. BENINA (Om El Tanam - Basetla x Banat)/Carolina Enmarker, SA BOZALL (Ganges - Bola x Gazal Al Shaqab)/Louise, EXHISTENSIA (Samsheik - Exhinowa x Fynd)/Madelene Libonius and EXHINOWA (Fynd - Exhina x Caribbean)/Louise was once again placed in almost every class. Once again our young and inexperienced part of the team did a fantastic job!
Our yearling, SA BOZALL, made us especially proud when he conquerd a difficult course in "Trail-at-Hand" and placed 4th in a big class.
With great interest and quriosity he thoroughly examined everything he could get his muzzle on and recieved many positive comments for both his appearance, charisma and his fantastic temperament.
SA BOZALL has now started his carreer as a performance horse and he did it in style! Now YOU have the chance to become his partner in future success! SA BOZALL is for sale and more information about this promising young gelding can be found at his own page!

BENINA (Om El Tanam - Basetla x Banat) is CA-tested with negative result (N/N) i.e she is not carrying the CA gene. BENINA is for sale and more information about this classy mare can be found at her own page.

Christina is back home in Sweden after judging the Middle East Championships at the Royal Stables in Amman, Jordan, October 7-9 oktober. A very nicely organized event showed happy and well mannered horses!

We are happy to be able to share with you a picture of the Legion of Honor awarded ACHOSEN FACADE+ (Well Chosen - Arwana x *Ferrari) with his former owner/rider Ms Jessica Allen! Together they have nomerous Champion titles and class A show wins!
Slängsboda Arabians are proud breeders of both his dam Arwana and grandsire *Ferrari. Thank you Ms Allen for letting us share this beautiful picture!

The link to Slängsboda's Facebook page can from now on be found at the "link page". We´ll be happy if we recieve greetings from friends connected to Slängsboda!

SA BOZALL (Ganges - Bola x Gazal Al Shaqab) and Louise.

Legion of Honor awarded ACHOSEN FACADE+ (Well Chosen - Arwana x Ferrari) and Jessica Allen.


BENINA (Om El Tanam - Basetla x Banat) and EXHISTENSIA (Samsheik - Exhinowa x Fynd, owned by Louise) have successfully made their debut in the Western showring!

Both horses went home with "a load" of ribbons and earned quite a few positive comments from judge and spectators.
BENINA is trained and ridden by 16 year old Carolina Enmarker and EXHISTENSIA is trained and ridden by Madelene Libonius. We are very proud of all four!

AIHNOA (Czarnolas - Algorada x Celebes) is well into her pregnancy with "The Great" Da Vinci FM (Versace x Full Mood Astar - Yahya Matuk)!

DA VINCI FM (Versace x Full Mood Astar - Yahya Matuk).Copyright Judith Wagner. AIHNOA (Czarnolas - Algorada x Celebes).Copyright Anette Mattsson.

We congratulate SHAG (Garanti - Shimra x Krezus) - winner of 2010 Swedish Folksam Endurance Cup for young riders skillfully guided around the different courses by his rider Fredrik Graucob!
Congratulations also to his breeder/owner/trainer Helena Engström who also competes with Shag in Pleasure- and Marathon Driving.
Slängsboda Arabians are breeders of SHAG´s dam, SHIMRA (Krezus - Shimmy x Mimik).

We congratulate HES A SPORTT++// (Czarnolas - Espolska x Probat) to an Arabian Ladies Sidesaddle Western JT 17 & under Top 10 at the 2010 Youth Nationals in USA!
This Legion of Merit/Excellence awarded horse earned another 10 AHA pionts on his way to Legion of Supreme Merit/Excellence!!
We congratulate this fantastic horse and his rider and owner and are proud breeders of his dam ESPOLSKA (Probat - Espora x Pierrot).
Slängsboda Arabians are also the owner of his paternal sister AIHNOA.

We receved a message from Sunesta Arabians, BC, Canada, telling us that their foundation mare, Sunesta (Solonov - Mimosa V x Traditio) had a beautiful colt by
Slängsboda bred *FALK ((Balon - Philippa x Pohaniec). Congratulations to "Sunestas Shaheen"! We wish you good luck with him and look foreward to follow his carreer in the future! Please visit Sunesta Arabians on the webb at this link.

New pictures can be wieved at AIHNOA's, BENINA's and EXHINOWA's pages. Please click their names to reach their pages.

MIRIAM (Hart - Mystawa x Pohaniec) have gotten her own page at the Swedish site.

At MINERVA's (Algier - Mimikra x Algier) page (at the Swedish site) a picture of her daughter MIRCA (by El Kisch) has been added.

Christina is back home after judging Towelands A-show in Essex, Great Britain.

BENINA (Om El Tanam - Basetla x Banat) and Carolina Enmarker.Copyright Louise Wale.

EXHISTENSIA (Samsheik - Exhinowa x Fynd).Copyright Louise Wale.

SHAG and Fredrik Graucob at Vasaritten 2010. Copyright Adriana Graucob.

SUNESTAS SHAHEEN (Falk - Sunesta x Solonov).Bred and owned by Sunesta Arabians, BC, Canada. Copyright Linda Hockersmith.


Our skilled webmaster, Lena Malmsäter, Winddrinker, has introduced a Facebook page for Slängsboda. We welcome your visit and the link is to be found here.

We congratulate BATCHA (Gotcha - Basetla x Banat) and her owner/trainer/rider Linn Olersbacken to a Bronz Medal during the Swedish Arabian Performance Championships in Western Horsemanship July 7-9!!
Slängsboda Arabians are proud breeders of Batcha!

We congratulate DON MIKO (Fynd - Domika x El Mokari) and his owner/trainer/rider Carolina Schwieler to a Silver Medal during the Swedish Arabian performance Championships in Western Riding and a Bronz Medal in Verstile Horse July 7-9!! We also congratulate Don Miko´s breeder Anette Björkman.
Slängsboda Arabians are breeders of Don Miko´s sire FYND (R D Misha - Philippa x Pohaniec) and previous owners of Don Miko.

We congratulate BLIZARD ROUGES (Fetisch - Bijou x Granit) and his owner/trainer/rider Christian Nohr and Anna Engelsen to great results at the Swedish and European Championhips July 7-9! With Christian Blizzard Rouges was 4th in the preliminary Reining, 3rd in Reining Cup-class and in the European Championship class they were Top5!!
Slängsboda Arabians are breeders of Blizard Rouge´s sire FETISCH (Balon - Philippa x Pohaniec).

We congratulate ACHOSEN FACADE+ (Well Chosen - Arwana x Ferrari) who was Top10 Arabian Hunter AT at the Regional 12 Championships in the US!
Slängsboda Arabians are breeders of Achosen Facade´s dam ARWANA (Ferrari - Esperanzia x Espartero) and maternal grandfather FERRARI (Gokart - Philippa x Pohaniec).

We congratulate HES A SPORTT++// (Czarnolas - Espolska x Probat) who was Arabian Western Pleasure Champion AT at Region 8 Championships in the US!! His win resulted in 12 new AHA points that ads to his already fantastic sum!
At the same show he was also named Reserv Champion Arabian Ladies Sidesaddle Western and earned another 6 AHA points! We are impressed!
Slängsboda Arabians are breeders of HES A SPORTT´s dam ESPOLSKA (Probat - Espora x Pierrot) and the owner of his paternal half sister, AIHNOA (Czarnolas - Algorada x Celebes).

We recieved an e-mail from Ms Renée Hunt in the US. She forwarded greetings from 22-year-old GOTCHA (Negatraz - Galia x Chazar)! Ms Hunt is in the prosess of developing a homepage for Gotcha´s new owner Ms Susan Parisio, California, USA.
GOTCHA was on lease to Slängsboda Arabians in Sweden during 1991-1994 and in 1992 he was, among 36 older stallions, Senior Champion Stallion at a Swedish Regional C-show!
In Sweden he sired 20 foals of which quite a few proved themselves to be excellent performance horses, especially in the different western disciplines. From a very small number of get shown in halter he proved his ability as a sire by his son FALSTAFF (Gotcha - Philippa x Pohaniec, bred by Slängsboda) who was 1998 Swedish National Champion Gelding!
We congratulate Ms Parisio to the aquisition of this beautiful stallion and look forward to future news about many fantastic Gotcha foals world wide!
The address to Gotcha´s site will be published at this news page so please check back! The picture of Gotcha is shown here with kind permission of photographer and copyright holder Renée Hunt.
More beautiful pictures of Gotcha can be vieved at Slängsboda Arabians Facebook which can be found here.

New pictures of BENINA and BOLA can be wieved at their own page. We are grateful to skilled photographer Anette Mattson for her proffessionalism and patience! We always enjoy your visits.

BATCHA (Gotcha - Basetla x Banat) and Linn Olersbacken. Copyright Camilla Ersson.

BLIZARD ROUGES (Fetisch - Bijou x Granit) and Christian Nohr. Copyright Pethra Davidsson

GOTCHA (Negatraz - Galia x Chazar). Copyright Renée Hunt.


AIHNOA (Czarnolas x Algorada - Celebes) is checked in foal to Da Vinci FM (Versace x Full Moon Astar - Yahya Matuk)!
She is also shown in western! With 14-year-old Madeleine Libonius, who also trained her, she started in 4 westernklasses at an All-Breed-Show May 2nd. It resulted in one 2nd and two 3rd places! We are proud of both of them for doing such a good job. Pictures can be viewed at her own page.
At the same show we also cheered for Slängsboda bred MIRIAM (Hart x Mystawa - Pohaniec), owned and trainded by Marie Tulesjö, and very nicely ridden by Marie's sister Pernilla. Four well planned and confident rides resulted in one 1st, two 2nd and one 3rd place. Congratulations!

EXHINOWA (Fynd x Exhina - Caribbean) has also been shown in a All-Breed Western show May 22nd-23rd. Two 2nd, two 3rd and one 5th in classes as diversed as Western Horsemanship, Trail, Western Riding, Versatile Horse and Reining, really proves the versatility of EXHINOWA and the Arabian Horse breed!


                  EXHINOWA (Fynd - Exhina - Caribbean) and Carolina Schwieler

We congratulate SHAG (Glaz x Shimra - Krezus). He has competed in "combined driving" (dressage, precision and marathon) May 1st. With his breeder/owner/trainer, Helena Engström, he did a fantastic job and placed 2nd!
He has also, on May 14th and June 5th, competed in two 50 kilometers endurance classes with Young Rider Fredrik Graucob, and, once again, he made us all proud and came in 2nd the first time out and 3rd the second time! Congratulations to the whole team!
Slängsboda Arabians are the breeder of SHAG's dam, SHIMRA (Krezus x Shimmy - Mimik), who passed away in 2009, 32 years old.

We congratulate ACHOSEN FACADE (Well Chosen x Arwana - Ferrari)!
At the Region 12 Championships, USA, he was named Top 5 Arabian Hunter Pleasure AOTR! We keep all our fingers crossed for this fantastic horse and his owner/rider Jessica Allen on their way towards the US Youth Nationals in Albuquerque, New Mexico on July 24-31. GOOD LUCK!!
Slängsboda Arabians are the breeder of Achosen Facade's dam ARWANA (Ferrari x Esperanzia - Espartero) and paternal grandsire FERRARI (Gokart x Philippa - Pohaniec). Please check out his showrecord at www.arabdatasourse.com!

We congratulate DON MIKO (Fynd x Domika - El Mokari)! With his rider/owner/trainer, Carolina Schwieler, at an All-Breed-Show, he took two 1st (Western Riding open AA and Ranch Trail open AA) and two 2nd (Trail open AA and Horsemanship open AA). Congratulations to both of you and also to breeder Anette Björkman!
Slängsboda Arabians are former owner of DON MIKO and breeder of his sire FYND
(RD Misha x Philippa - Pohaniec).

We congratulate MILORD (Alt x Espmira - Ali Mir), winner of the 2010 Swedish Arabhorse Society's Big Prize at Strömsholms racetrack! He won the 2100 meter race by 2,5 lengths and beat the third horse by 15 (!) lengths. His life record is 56 starts with the result (7-6-9-5-9-5) and he earned 15.500 Euro so far! MILORD is bred by Ramonia Arabians and owned and trained by Khalil Soufi.
Slängsboda Arabians is the breeder of MILORD´s dam ESPMIRA (Ali Mir x Esperanzia - Espartero) who is also the dam of Brazialian National Champion Stallion ALMIR.

We congratulate HE´S A SPORTT++// (Czarnolas x Espolska - Probat)! At the 2010 CAHC:s Spring Show, A och B, Colorado ,USA, he started in 8 classes (Western Pleasure and Ladies Sidesaddle) with the result (6-2-0) which added another 24 AHA points to this fantastic horse!
Slängsboda Arabians is the breeder of HE´S A SPORTT´s dam ESPOLSKA (Probat x Espora - Pierrot) and owns his paternal sister AIHNOA (Czarnolas x Algorada - Celebes), also a talented western horse.

AIHNOA (Czarnolas - Algorada x Celebes) and Madeleine Liboius

MIRIAM (Hart - Mystawa x Pohaniec)

SHAG (Glaz - Shimra x Krezus) and Fredrik Graucob

DON MIKO (Fynd - Domika x El Mokari)




EXHINOWA (Fynd x Exhina - Caribbean) started her western season in style! In her 3rd show ever she placed in all 4 starts at an All-Breed-Show with a Reining class win as best result!
At the same show skilled Carolina Schwieler and DON MIKO (Fynd x Domika - El Mokari, formerly owned by Lousie Wale) made 1 first and 3 second in 4 starts. Congratulations!
Breeder of both horses are Anette Björkman, and Slängsboda Arabians is the breeder of their sire, FYND (RD Misha x Philippa - Pohaniec), a successful Western horse himself.
Pictures from the show by kind permission of Karin Gunnarsson.

          EXHINOWA (Fynd - Exhina x Caribbean) on her way to win the Reining class.

EXHINOWA (Fynd - Exhina x Caribbean) winner of the Reining class.

DON MIKO (Fynd - Domika x El Mokari) and Carolina Schwieler.

2010-04-05 The Stud page is updated with a new link for EXHINOWA (Fynd x Exhina - Caribbean) and the Swedish site is updated with MIRKHANA (Probat x Minerva - Algier).  

A stallion, very dear to us, has passed away in Poland on March 4th at the age of 31. BALON (Gwarny - Ballada x Partner) was on lease to Slängsboda, Blommeröd and Mill Hill in Sweden during 1986 - 1988. He was standing at Slängsboda 1987 and 1988 and was named 1987 Swedish National Champion Stallion in tough competition.
Balon represented fire and passion, but also gentleness and kindness. Memories of him "helping" the mares to clean the newborn foals will always be treasured.
Among over 100 offspring he is leaving behind the sons FALK (out of Philippa), FETISCH (out of Philippa) and KULIG (out of Kawalkada) used for breeding and ELLADA (out of Emigracja), Polish National Champion Mare, Polish National Reserv Champion Filly och Polish National Reserv Champion Mare, exported from Poland to the Middle East.

We have DNA-tested four horses for Cebrellar Abiotrophy. AIHNOA (Czarnolas-Algorada x Celebes), BOLA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Bogdanka x Europejczyk), MYRICA (El Amin - Mystawa x Pohaniec) and EXHINOWA (Fynd - Exhina x Caribbean) and all were found CA clear (N/N)!

Sunesta Arabians, Canada, owner of Slängsboda-bred stallion FALK (Balon - Philippa x Pohaniec) have introduced a new web site! Enjoy a visit here.


          Christina, BALON (Gwarny - Ballada x Partner) and Louise in a happy reunion in August 2008. BALON enjoys a good scratch from Christina. Copyright Anette Mattsson.

FALK (Balon - Philippa x Pohaniec). Copyright Sunesta Arabians, Canada.

BALON (Gwarny - Ballada x Partner) and Louise Wale at Slängsboda in Sweden 1987, enjoying a quiet ride on the farm. Copyright Slängsboda. Picture taken by Kathryn Stuart.



Congratulations Sunesta Arabians, British Columbia, Canada, to the acquisition of the Slängsboda bred stallion FALK (Balon - Philippa x Pohaniec)!
FALK was exported from Slängsboda in Sweden to Oddy´s Skyline Arabians in Canada as a yearling in 1989 and has been in the capable hands of Mrs and Mr Oddy since then. In Canada FALK has sired both halter and performance champions and in September of 2009 he was himself shown for the first time.
FALK has obviously reached another set of capable hands as he was, at the age of 21, crowned Champion Stallion in the class "Sport Horse in Hand Stallions 2 and over" at the 2009 AHABC Annual Fall Frolic!
Sunesta Arabians are also, among other fine individuals, the owner of Falk´s daughter, Touched By An Angel, and his granddaughter, Touched By A Star, which has an impressive Halter Show record. She has been shown 13 times with 8 wins, 2 seconds, 2 thirds and one 4th place! We wish Mr and Mrs Hockersmith and Ms Forsberg of Sunesta Arabians much success in the future!
Please visit their homepage for updated news and more information on their horses: Sunesta Arabians.

                    TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL (Falk - Janoa x Gokart). Bred by Oddy´s Skyline Arabians, owned by Sunnesta Arabians in Canada.

FALK (Balon - Philippa x Pohaniec). Bred by Slängsboda Arabians, owned by Sunesta Arabians in Canada.

TOUCHED BY A STAR (HF Mr Chips+ - Touced By An Angel x Falk). Bred by Oddy´s Skyline Arabians, owned by Sunnesta Arabians in Canada.