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News 2009

We have the pleasure to congratulate Ida Apelqvist from the north part of Sweden to the acquisition of SA AKBAR (Thee Apprentice - Aihnoa x Czarnolas). We are happy and proud that Ms Apelqvist for the second time have chosen a horse from Slängsboda and found AKBAR to reach her expectations of the high quality horse she was looking for.
We are looking forward to follow their progress and wish them all the best in the future!

We recieved an e-mail from South Africa! Ms Helena Marais from Nelspruit, har informed us that she has bought the stallion ALMIR (by Alt) which is out if the Slängsboda-bred mare ESPMIRA (Ali Mir - Esperanzia x Espartero)!
Ms Marais tells us that ALMIR is still in the US and that he, at the age of 14, entered his first performance classes. In addition to all his halter wins and champion titles he can now add the following merits to his list:
At the SAAH Silver Buckle Show, Tuscon, Arizona - 1st in Hunter Pleasure Novice, 1st in Hunter Pleasure Limit, 3rd in Hunter Pleasure Championship!
ALMIR will shortly make the long trip from the US to South Africa where already 25 high quality mares are waiting for this handsome stalllion for the 2010 season. Also, 20 already booked mares in the US will be bred during 2010.
We extend our congratulations to this amazing stallion, his new owner and, of course, his breeder in Sweden - Ramonia Arabians!

We are also happy to congratulate Carolina Schweiler and her gelding DON MIKO (Fynd - Domika x El Mokari) to great results! At their last western show of the year they managed to get two 1st (Trail and Western Riding) and one 2nd (Ranch Trail), only three classes entered!
Slängsboda Arabians are previous owners of DON MIKO and breeders of his sire FYND (RD Misha - Philippa x Pohaniec).

SA Akbar (Thee Apprentice - Aihnoa x Czarnolas) and Ida Apelqvist.

ALMIR (Alt - Espmira x Ali Mir) Copyright with kind permission Helena Marais.

DON MIKO (Fynd - Domika x El Mokari) and Carolina Schweiler. Copyright: ck24.at


We recived an e-mail from the other side of the world! Nicky Majoor of Landseer Stud Arabians, has informed us that she has bought the mare Malikah al Jamal, which is out of the Slängsboda bred mare MEMORA (Nurek - Mystika x Algomej). We are happy this wonderful damline (introduced at Slängsboda thru the mare Minerva) now will bring joy, and hopefully success, to the people of New Zealand! We are hoping for a successful 2009/2010 show season for Nicky and Malikah and we wish them GOOD LUCK! Please follow their progress at www.landseerstud.co.nz

Congratulations to Ursula Turtiainen of Scanarab, Finland, who showed her 19-year-old NEFISA (Bask Clasix - Nefretetetoo x Eukaliptus) to 41 points and the BEST IN SHOW title at the gouvernment held show for all breeds. Strict judges were very impressed with this beautiful mare and she was definetly the queen of the show.
Sixteen years ago NEFISA was shown by Scanarab at the same show, and guess what....she scored 41 points and was awarded the Best in Show title as a three-year old too!! Queens don't age!
Slängsboda Arabians are the breeder of Nefisa's dam, NEFRETETETOO (Eukaliptus - Nefretete x Gondolier) and exported her to Scanarab, Finland, in foal to Bask Clasix. We are greatful that Ursula has taken such good care of these horses and consistently bred them to high quality stallions maintaining the blood of beautiful NEFRETETE (Gondolier - Newa x Arax).

Christina has during October been judging in our neighbouring country Norway.

Sad news reach us! Swedish and multi international champion stallion Emiliusz has passed away at his new home in Brazil. Emiliusz is the sire of our filly SA BASSIRA (out of Benina by Om el Tanam).
We sympathise with his owner, Mr Pineiro, his breeder, Michalow Stud in Poland and his longtime friend and former owner Johanna Ullström from European Training Center in Belgium who trained him and showed him to most of his champion titles. We are fortunate to own one of his beautiful daughters!

October the 11th, at the Stockholm racetrack, Täby Galopp, the great racing stallion CEASAR (Cedar - Samunira x Sapphire Crown) was honored with a race for Arabian horses named after him - Ceasar Cup! Louise was asked to give the prize away and was happy to meet Manuel, the Pilroth family and Bodil Blomqvist in the winners circle. Congratulations!
CEASAR was bought by Slängsboda Arabians as a suckling as one of their three first Arabians in 1972. You are welcome to read more about CEASAR at his own page here.

Malikah al Jamal u. Memora - Copyright: Nicky Mayoor, Nya Zealand

Nefisa (Bask Clasix x Nefretetetoo - Eukaliptus) - Copyright: Laura Taimioja

2009-09-14 New pictures of AIHNOA, BOLA, MYRICA have been added.
Click on their names to reach their pages.

NEWS - Once again we congratulate ACHOSEN FACADE+ (Well Chosen - Arwana x Ferrari) to fantastic results at the 2009 Region 12 Championships! Two starts resulted in "Top 4 Arabian Hunter Pleasure AT Champ" out of 17 competitors, and "Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure AO Champ" out of 20!! Sixteen new points was earned by this fantastic 8-year-old gelding and he is now only 13 points short of his Legion of Supreme Honor!
Slängsboda Arabians are breeders of his dam ARWANA (Ferrari - Esperanzia x Espertero) and her sire FERRARI (Gokart - Philippa x Pohaniec).

NEWS - During the month of June Christina had the opportunity to visit The Netherlands on a judging assignement. She was judging the B-show "LowLand Arabian Cup" in Exloo.
Chistina also visited Talaria Farms, Georgia, USA who are breeding beautiful Egyptian and Egyptian related Arabians. She saw many beautiful horses and had a delightful visit.

NEWS - HES A SPORTT++// (Czarnolas - Espolska x Probat) have during the first part of 2009 competed at 5 AHA utalized shows with great results!
We congratulate him and his owner and rider to a Youth National Top Ten Ladies Sidesaddle Western JT 17 & Under!
This fantastic horse have done wery well in the showring since 1995. His show record is too extensive to be published here. Please visit www.arabdatasource.com for a complete record.
His dam ESPOLSKA is bred at, and exported to the US by, Slängsboda Arabians. His sire, CZARNOLAS, is also the sire of of our mare AIHNOA (u. Algorada).

NEWS - We congratulate GAZAL AL SHAQAB to his fantastic offspring! Read all about their results at the Polish Nationals in August at: http://www.janow.arabians.pl/en/shows/cj-2009/.
We are anoxiously awaiting the foals of our beautiful BOLA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Bogdanka x Europejczyk) in the future.

NEWS - We congratulate Swedish National Champion Stallion, Emiliusz (Laheeb - Emocja x Monogramm) to another title in the showring. He was named Senior Champion Stallion at Exposicao Centro-Brasiliera do Cavalo Arabe at Caldas Novas in Brasil. Emiliusz is the sire of our SA BASSIRA.

NEWS - We congratulate Ms Helena Marai of Nelspeuiot, South Africa to the aquisition of Brasilian National Champion Stallion ALMIR (Alt - Espmira x Ali Bek)! We wish her good luck with this beautiful stallion!
ALMIR was bred by Ramonia Arabians in Sweden and his dam ESPMIRA (Ali Bek - Esperanzia x Espartero) was bred by Slängsboda Arabians.

Nikolajev (Medalj x Nefretete - Arax) and Ingmar Zackrisson. Fotographer: Mark Harris
2009-05-25 NEWS - SA AKBAR (Thee Apprentice - Aihnoa x Czarnolas) was born on April 28th! This awsome colt is tall, elegant and has a neck "a mile long"! AKBAR is for sale and more pictures and information will be added to his own page.

NEWS - We congratulate DON MIKO (Fynd - Domika x El Mokari) and his owner/trainer/rider Carolina Schweiler who won the Western Rider Association of Sweden Championship in Western Riding Open 2008! The champion ship is based on the resault from different shows around Sweden and they won in tough competion with the best horses (among them were US imported and trained American Quarterhorses) and riders in Sweden. We are impressed! Slängsboda Arabians are former owner of DON MIKO and breeder for his sire FYND (RD Misha - Philippa x Pohaniec).

NEWS - on the Stud page SA AKBAR´s page is published with basic information. More information about this pretty colt will follow.

SA Akbar (Thee Apprentice - Aihnoa - Czarnolas) - Photo: Louise Wale

Don Miko and Carolina Schweiler - Photo: www.ck24.at

2009-04-26 NEWS - SA BOZALL (Ganges - Bola x Gazal Al Shaqab) was born on april 7th! More pictures can be viewed at his own page. We are very happy with him! He is elegant, energetic, athletic, awsome and very intelligent! Is he one of Ganges best sons? He will be added to the sales list, so if you are searching for a good looking colt with an outstanding pedigree filled with some of Polands best producing horses, both halter and performance - he could be yours! Professional pictures will be taken this summer.

NEWS - NEZIR (Nurek - Nefretete x Gondolier) is greeting us from the other side of the world! He was born at Slängsboda in 1992 and was exported to Germany in 1993. He has now moved together with his owner to New Zealand and is producing beautiful foals on the rolling hills of Auckland.
SA Bozall (Ganges x Bola - Gazal al Shaqab)

Nezir (Nurek x Nefretete - Gondolier) - Photo: Daneila Galy

NEWS - Our beautiful champion mare BASETLA (Banat x Basn - Czort) turned 30 years young on March 22! She arrived at Slängsboda, Sweden, from Janow Podlaski, Poland, in the fall 1983. She is still going strong and loves to show off for visitors. She is a wonderful mare and the undisputable Queen of the farm!

NEWS - We congratulate FRYVOLOUS (Dormane - Fryga x Wielki Raz) and his owner, HH Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahayan, UAE, to the superior race victory in the Kahayla Classic race! FRYVOLOUS is bred by Dianne K Waldron at RoseBrook Arabian Racehorses and Slängsboda Arabians are the proud breeder of FRYGA´s dam FILGA (Gokart - Philippa x Pohaniec). You are welcome to read more about FILGA and her progeny at her own page and please enjoy watching a great horse win a well-deserved victory at this link: http://drcnewswire.com/media/dwc2009/index.php

NEWS - During March Christina visited Brazil in South America to judge in Avaré - Sp, with colleagues Peter Pond, Australia, and David Boggs, USA.

Basetla (Banat x Basn - Czort) - Photo: Louise Wale

Brazil 2009

2009-02-21 NEWS - We have now made the desicion to breed BOLA (Gazal Al Shaqab - Bogdanka x Europejczyk) to Talaria Farms beautiful TF Afrikhan Shah (Botswana - Rohara Shahblee x Bey Shah). TF Afrikhan Shah is standing at European Training Center in Belgium. Bola is due to foal March 29th and she is in foal to twice Polish National Champion Stallion Ganges (Monogramm - Garonna x Fanatyk). 
NEWS - We congratulate ACHOSEN FACADE+ (Well Chosen - Arwana x Ferrari) and owners Alice and Jessica Allen, Florida to a very successful 2008! Twice Region Champion and once Reserve Region Champion in Arabian Hunter Pleasure along with many other blue ribbons and new well deserved AHA points! We wish you the best of luck during the 2009 season.
Slängsboda Arabians bred Achosen Facade+´s dam Arwana and grandsire Ferrari.
NEWS - We also have the pleasure to congratulate DON MIKO (Fynd - Domika x El Mokari) to "Arabian Versatile Champion 2008" by the Swedish Society AHIS! Slängsboda Arabians bred Don Miko´s sire Fynd (RD Misha - Philippa x Pohaniec), also a very successful Western Horse.
The best of luck to Don Miko and his owner, trainer and rider Carolina Schweiler during the 2009 show season! 

TF Afrikhan Shah and Louise Wale - Photo: Johanna Ullström, E T C.

Don Miko by Fynd and Carolina Schweiler -  Photo: www.ck24.at

2009-01-13 We congratulate Turbo Star Arabians on the agreement of a two year lease of our treasured Best in Show and Champion Mare MIGOTCHA (Gotcha - Mirkhana x Probat)!
Migotcha is to be bred for 2009 to the bay Champion Stallion EGE (Europejczyk - Etruska x Aloes) and 2010 to US imported BLACK TURBO (NV Beau Bey - Black Silk x MS Rafiq). We wish them the best of luck and beautiful foals.

We congratulate JADHEBEH W´RSAN (UAE) on her latest success at the ractrack, winning "Maktoum Emirates Horse Breeders Society Trophy" for her owner Sh Hazza bin Sultan Zayed Al Nahyan. Slängsboda Arabians is proud breeder of her dam ESPOLSKA (Probat - Espora x Pierrot).
Migotcha (Gotcha x Mirkhana - Probat) - Photo: Anette Mattsson



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