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We're more than excited to announce the newly acquired member of our breeding stock.
Let us present the wonderful Kelaray Goddess Of Love (Gazal Al Shaqab x Miracle of Love/Shaklas Fame n Fortune), imported from Australia.

More photos and information are to be found on her own page HERE.

Kelaray Goddess Of Love
Kelaray Goddess Of Love (Gazal Al Shaqab x Miracle of Love/Shaklas Fame n Fortune)

A difficult decision has been made, as we now offer SA BAIDORA (Ascot DD x Baida/Balon) for sale to the discriminating buyer.
For more information about this high-class filly please visit her own page HERE.


SA BAIDORA (Ascott DD x Baida/Balon)
SA BAIDORA (Ascot DD x Baida/Balon)


This past summer in 2016 three mares and 2 foals from Slängsboda has been evaluated by the Swedish Horseboard´s strict and well educated judges.

In July BAIDA (Balon x Bajeczka/Bandos) and her filly SA BAIDORA (by Ascot DD) was shown. Due to her age Baida was not given any points but a very good written review.
She also earned her AB which is the 5th out of 7 evaluation classes where the 7th is the best. As Baida don' t have offspring evalutated in Sweden this is the highest class she can recieve here at the moment.

SA BAIDORA recieved 40 points out of 50 (1st class) with the scores: Type 9, Head/head/body 8, Legs 8, Walk 7, Trot 8.
In august BOLA (Gazal Al Shaqab x Bogdanka/Europejczyk) and her colt SA BONIK (by ZT Shakfantazy) was shown.
Bola recieved 42 points and AB with scores: Type 9, Head/neck/body 9, Legs 8, Walk 8, Trot 8.
SA BONIK recieved 40 points with the scores Type 8, Head/neck/body 8, Legs 8, Walk 8, Trot 8.
In September GARUDA (Galba x Gotlandia/Pesal) topped a fantastic show season off by earning 43 points! Her scores - Type 9, Head/neck/body 9, legs 8, walk 8, trot 9 and AB.


                 GARUDA (Galba x Gotlandia - Pesal)
                              GARUDA (Galba x Gotlandia/Pesal)
                                  Bred by Michalów, Poland
                                    Photo Anette Mattsson

BAIDA (Balon x Bajeczka - Bandos) Copyright: Stuart Vesty
BAIDA (Balon x Bajeczka/Bandos)
Bred by Janów Podlaksi, Poland
Photo Stuart Vesty

BOLA (Gazal Al Shaqab x Bogdanka - Europejczyk) Copyright: Fotograf Anette Mattsson
BOLA (Gazal Al Shaqab x Bogdanka/Europejczyk)
Bred by Janów Podlaski, Poland
Photo Anette Mattsson