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The Farm
Slängsboda, a 300 acre farm dating back to the 16th century, is situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The Wale family purchased the farm in the 1930´s. In 1968 Christina and Göran Wale, with young children Louise and Carl, took over the operation which soon became a treasured lifestyle.
Christina and Göran started out with 50 sheep and 2 horses. Under their care, the operation grew rapidly. During the 80´s Slängsboda housed 200 sheep and 60 horses.

The horses were exported to various European countries, to Algeria and Canada. But most were exported to Slängsboda Arabians, the Kentucky based branch which was located outside Harrodsburg.

Christina has been an International Arabian judge for almost 30 years and also served on the Swedish stallion licensing board. She has travelled the world judging shows in 20 different countries. She is also a board member of the Swedish National Horse Association. In addition, Christina designed pelt jackets made by sheepskin produced at Slängsboda. The skins were highly valued and distributed through international auctions.
Christina Wale Göran, brilliant engineer, passed away in 1997. The buildings, the fences and every little carefully designed detail stand as a tribute to Göran, who devoted all his spare time to maintaining Slängsboda. He took pride in simple, practical solutions that would last for a long time. Göran was also the President of the family real estate corporation.

Louise is stud manager and trainer. Her emphasis is on the daily care, breeding, training and showing of the horses. She has travelled to many different countries and was the first foreigner to present a horse at the annual Polish Prestige Show and Sale in 1980. During the 80´s she worked at Janow Podlaski in Poland and at Aries Arabians and American Farms in the US.

Carl has been, and is, an important part in the building and maintenance of the farm. Now President of the family company he, like Göran, spends his spare time at the farm together with his whife Charlotta.

Today Slängsboda is run by Christina, Carl, Charlotta and Louise. Although Slängsboda is currently a smaller operation, it still maintains the high quality Arabian breeding of it´s heritage with all the caracteristics of beauty and good minds of the Arabian horse.

Charlotta and Carl Wale Göran Wale and Mr. Andrzej Krzysztalowicz Louise Wale, Bellinor and Philippa

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