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The Horses
Ceasar - Photo: Louise Wale


(Cedar x Samunira - Sapphire Crown)
Stallion, grey
Bred by Jarl Kulle
Owned by Slängsboda Arabians 1972-1978

In 1975, winner of the first Arabian race in Sweden in modern times. In addition he won the first Swedish Arabian Horse Derby 1976. In 1976 he was named Swedish Arabian winter Champion and raced three seasons with the resault 13 (6-3-1).

He was bought by Slängsboda as a suckling at his mothers side and exported to Algeria in 1978 as a sire at the foundation State Stud Jumenterie de Tiaret.

  Ceasar at Strömsholm Racetrack Ceasar with Mrs Christina Wale and Mr Göran Wale in the Winner's Circle