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The Horses
SA Bozall
SA Bozall - Copyright: Anette Mattsson

(Ganges - Bola - Gazal Al Shaqab)
FA 242/09
Born: April 7 2009

Gelding, bay
Bred and owned by Slängsboda Arabians, Sweden

SA Bozall clearly reflects the genuine and beautiful quality of the Polish Arabian Horse! He was imported in utero from Janów Podlaski in Poland and was born at Slängsboda Arabians in Sweden.

He is very correct, strong, athletic and well balanced, moves beautifully and has a long, wellshaped neck, a good shoulder and a refined, masculine head wíth expressive eyes.

We estimate his final hight will be 152-155 cm.

He is extremely intelligent, quick in thought and a very quick learner. He is also very communicative and alert during all handling and training.

With this horse you can go far! If you are willing and capable you can reach the very top! We believe Bozall will excel in most of the working western classes (reining, ranch trail and all of the live stock classes and maybe trail), cross country jumping, show jumping, dressage and working equitation. He loves anything that will challenge his intelligence. He is a mentally strong horse but extremely kind and willing, so he needs a calm and wise leader with good knowledge of educating a young individual and bringing out the best in him, mentally and physically.
YOU will give him the knowledge of what to do and the selfconfidence! HE will give you all the necesarry power to do it!

We believe Bozall is of very high quality and he's got a strong pedigree filled with performance and halter champions, known world wide, in a unique blend.

His dam, Bola (Gazal Al Shaqab - Bogdanka x Europejczyk), did one race at the Warzaw racetrack as a three-year-old, and she placed 5th out of 10 horses at a 1400 meter race, before being bred to Poganin in Poland. There she procuced the very nice colt Bono in 2009 and in August 2009 she was exported to Sweden and Slängsboda Arabians.

is now working lightly under saddle at Slängsboda and is proving to be wonderful under saddle. She loves to work, is a very talented jumper and brave and athletic in the woods.

His sire Ganges needs no futher presentation to those familiar with the Polish breeding. For you who are not, please read about him at: Pride of Poland. He is outstanding!

Information about SA Bozall's maternal grandfather, Europejczyk, can be found at: Wintersteen Arabians


We'll happily provide you with more information about SA Bozall and his dam upon request.

SA BOZALL (Ganges - Bola x Gazal Al Shaqab). Copyright Anette Mattsson.
  SA BOZALL (Ganges - Bola x Gazal Al Shaqab). Copyright Anette Mattsson. SA BOZALL (Ganges - Bola x Gazal Al Shaqab). Copyright Anette Mattsson.
  SA Bozall - Copyright: Anette Mattsson SA Bozall - Copyright: Anette Mattsson
  SA Bozall (Ganges x Bola - Gazal al Shaqab) - Photo: Louise Wale SA Bozall - Photo: Louise Wale