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Basetla (Banat x Basn - Czort) - Photo: Anette Matsson


(Banat x Basn - Czort)
Born: 1979
Died: April 28, 2011
Mare, grey
Bred by State Stud Janow Podlaski, Poland
Imported 1983 to Sweden by Slängsboda

Champion Mare. Shown 6 times in halter winning 4 firsts and 2 seconds, twice judged with over 90 points out of 100 using the European system.



1984 BERNATKA grey filly by Ernal - Halter Champion mare, Best Swedish bred Mare at the Swedish Nationals. Dam of Champion.

1985 BELLATRIX bay filly by Probat

1987 BRISA bay filly by El Kisch

1988 BALONESSA grey filly by Balon - Dam of Loch Ness, winner of Swedish Harness classes.

1991 BARTA grey filly by Fynd - Swedish Western Champion competing Pleasure,Trail, Horsemanship, Western Riding and Reining.

1992 BALTICA grey fillly by Gotcha 1993 - exported to Germany

1993 BATCHA bay filly by Gotcha - Succsessfully competed in western classes with wins at National level.

1995 BLITZ grey colt by Chock

1996 BEDUIN grey colt by Hart

1998 BRUSZNICA grey filly by Chopin - bred by Wilza Arabians in Sweden.

2001 BENINA grey filly by Om El Tanam US - Reserve Junior Champion Filly.


BASETLA (Banat - Basn x Czort) with owner and dear friend Christina. Copyright Anette Mattsson.
Basetla 29 years and Alina 12 years - Photo: Louise Wale
BASETLA (Banat - Basn x Czort). Copyright Anette Mattsson. BASETLA (Banat - Basn x Czort). Copyright Anette Mattsson.
Basetla and Louise at the Swedish Nationals Basetla - Photo: Anette Mattsson
BEDUIN (Hart - Basetla x Banat). Copyright Carola Bark. BELLATRIX (Probat - Basetla x Banat). Copyright Louise Wale.